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As a pet collector, I am very grateful by WarcraftPets.com 's checklist for collectors. As Mount collector, I've always wanted a similar list to keep track of my promotion to the Dragonhawk. Today, that wish is fulfilled. Warcraft Mania ride now has a function of collection, just in time for all new mounting brackets and the rule changes in patch 3.2.

Once you register for an account, you can include up to three characters for a username and start keeping track of the assemblies that have and you want to have mounted. You can also ignore the mountains who will not or can not obtain. Once they have it all figured out, you can share your collection with else if you want (For example, here is collection Mania).

The site has always been a very useful tool for collectors or people riding who just want a refresher on what forms of locomotion are out there, and the data collection instrument only makes it better. Congratulations to Mania, which once more come across a nice little tool for the community of WoW.

patch-free week? Oh, yes. Speaking of the patch-free week, we all knew that the week without a patch would be tough. We knew there would be delays and errors, and restarts, and missteps. We knew that hardcore gamers complain, that novices are confused and would not have a lot of contentious debate on all sides.

I did not know is that we might be surprised by craft, even geek. Take it from mibluvr13, which glanced at the baby shirt Hordies

Featured in the world of this week's column and WarCrafts started groping down the Escape key. "Ooooh, God," groaned mibluvr13. "I never thought I WoW.com punch in the clock. BRB, have a child. "

The week in comments from readers, through eyes clouded by our readers punch-drunk, distracted patch after the break.

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Wow gold---Warcraft Mounts helps you keep track of your corral

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